Zibbet.com is awesome!

A new website is gaining popularity among handcrafters that sell their goods. Zibbet.com is an amazing new website with easy to use interfaces and shop designs. I set up my shop and listed six items in as little as an hour. The cost right now for a verified (professional) membership is only $7 a month, and there are only a little over 400 slots left at this price. Once they are gone, the cost goes up to $15 a month if you didn’t take advantage of the discount price. If you do take advantage of the $7 charge, you get it for life! They also have this really awesome referral program. If you refer only 7 people, you get your studio paid for life! They take $1 off for each referral you send them. Seven referrals, $7, free account! Is that cool or what?

If you choose to become a basic member, it’s free. But being the graphic junkie that I am, I wanted it all! They have an easy comparison list, also. I think my favorite part is the ability to find what you need quickly, the intuitive design and functionality, simple straightforward listings, and easily navigable site. I’m really liking Zibbet so far. You should check it out and sign up as soon as possible!

Happy Crafting!

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Eating my words!

Okay, sometimes this happens and I have to suck it up and get on with life. I finally licked those &$#% nupps! Using Feegle’s tips on working the nupps extra loosely, and also pinching the bunch as I knit and yo each time, I was actually able to complete three full rows of nupps. Not only am I ecstatic, but I am also humbled. I did try out  my new technique, which I think would work if I gave it some more time. The technique basically involved using some type of a holder in the nupp stitches to make them easier to purl on the back side. I did this using twist ties, as it was all I had handy and can’t find my stitch markers. The twist ties were too rough on the edges. I thought that a toothpick might work in it too, but alas, I am also out of those at the time. I like the fat, puffy look of the VERY loose nupps, and I can actually see a lily of the valley beginning to grow among the stitches.

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There is a really new up and coming website on the internet. They pop up all over the place, but this one stands up above the rest. With 799 members and counting, and only in business for 6 months, there is tons of potential for this site. The site is called “My Craft Corner” and is loaded with features for crafters. Artisans that craft to sell or just for fun are all invited. It is also not craft-specific. Wood-workers, painters, knitters, crocheters, jewelry-makers, and polymer clay artists are all invited. Photography and digital artists abound.

There is a little something here for everyone. The best part about it is that it is free. No strings attached, no fees for special features, nada to post pictures, videos, widgets, html, graphics, or anything else. You can join groups, promote your website, advertise your products or studio, enter contests, and much more. Yep, it sounds like an advertisement, but in this case, it’s all true! I have my own studio on there and have decorated my studio the way I want it to look. (A little problem with the header, but trying to figure that one out!) So if you are looking to brag or sell, here’s a place for you. Make friends and connect with fellow artisans.

This website also promotes through Facebook, Twitter, and many other social networking sites. Even Ravelry, which owns a small piece of my heart, would have a hard time competing with some of the free features My Craft Corner has to offer. Ravelry, for all its glorious knitting, crocheting, weaving, and spinning glory, still doesn’t offer the potential to reach customers that My Craft Corner does. I’ve been to a lot of craft places on the web, and this site has so much more to offer. Reggie, the owner, is awesome and friendly, even with her plateful of things to do. So if you join, don’t forget to tell them, “FantasyDreamKnits sent me!”

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Estonian Knitting

 I am completely in love with lace knitting, but I knew there had to be more than yarn overs (yo), knit two together (k2tog), pass slipped stitch over (psso), and slip, slip, knits (ssk). I had seen such wonderful designs created in lace, using little bumps and intricate designs of leaves and flowers. So far, though, I have been very disappointed by the availability of more intricate designs. So I set out on a mission and browsed through the shelves of endless books at Amazon.com.  

Yesterday I received my Amazon.com order containing, “Knitted Lace of Estonia” by Nancy Bush. I was not disappointed. Nancy Bush has outdone herself in more ways than one with this book. The shawls and scarves that are patterened are a dream for any person that truly adores lace knitting. However, my favorite aspect of the book was that not only are there patterns included, but she also gives more charts for pattern repeats not even featured in the previous patterns. With this bit of arsenal in my line up, there are many more possibilities for lace beyond scarves and shawls. For example, curtains completed in lace work will add a romantic air to a dining room, kitchen, bath or bedroom. The lace could also be incorporated into purses, dresses, tops and much more with just a little addition of fabric. Nancy Bush gives the creative knitter an avenue of expression beyond what most other knit books allow.

Buy here from Amazon.com

So what makes the Estonian knitting so special? In my opinion, it is the continuation of the history of a people determined to stay connected through an age-old tradition. Nancy Bush traveled to Estonia to visit and learn from the people who have practiced this craft generation through generation. She bought Estonian shawls and scarves to study their patterns and chart them out, making them available to us in the West. The Estonian methods are so beautiful and intricate that it sends imagination running.

The hardest part will be deciding what project to complete first. I believe that I will attempt one or two of the scarves in the fingering weight yarn just to get my feet wet. Maybe it’s my European background or love of the beauty in Prague, Russia, and other European nations, but I am so excited about beginning one of these projects. The romance is just lingering there, waiting to seduce my hands and fingers with delicious fingering and lace weight silk, wool, alpaca, and cashmere yarns. So I will be posting pictures and introducing you all to the beauty of lace knitting Estonian style in future posts.

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Frogged WIP

Well, my sweater became a prince…errr…a frog prince this morning. Gauge was off by many many rows and stitches. I am still not sure how it got so out of whack between my swatch and the actual piece. But I have perseverance and I will not give up! I will kiss this frog and find my prince again – oh, wait, that may not work out as I had planned. Oh, well, off to knit again.

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A sweater WIP

I have been going through the drawers of Creative Knitting Magazines that I have stored up, looking for something unique just for myself. I have only ever knit myself a pair of fingerless gloves for typing and knitting when it’s cold in the house. I finally found a sweater that I am currently working on. It is from the Jan 2006 issue of CK and it’s called “Hearts on a String”. I haven’t gotten very far yet, currently working on the back and wondering if my gauge is as correct as I thought it was. I am not a very tight knitter, so I have to use smaller needles to knit to gauge most of the time. It’s looking a bit long, and I still have a few more rows to go. I will probably have to frog it, but this is only the first time since checking gauge early on in the project. You can see and read more about the project by visiting me on ravelry.com. I’m listed there under cutsiepoochie.

I also “discovered” knitty.com this week. Wow, the patterns in there are a must on my ever-growing list! Well, that’s my passion for today. Night all.

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New Place for you Crafty People

Great new place to exhibit your stuff!

Hi there. I just found this really great website where you can exhibit your craftiness and connect with other crafters! It’s called http://www.mycraftcorner.com/. Right now, if you sign up by September 29, 2009, you will be entered to recieve a Cricut Expression. These machines aren’t just for paper artists. They can cut fabric, decals, appliques, lettering, stencils, and much more. They are valued at almost $300.

At My Craft Corner you can blog, post pictures, set up a profile, link to your website and/or artfire.com store. It’s a great way to get your name and products out there, plus a chance to win great prizes and enter awesome contests. The best part is, and I saved this for last, it’s FREE! You just join up. So take a visit, tell them Cutsie Poochie referred you when you sign up, and we get extra chances to win. Good luck and see you there!

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Artfire Awesomeness

I am promoting a wonderful shop on the blog this week. Here name is Angelmaz and she is on Artfire. She makes one-of-a-kind cards that let someone special know how you feel. She has cards for every occassion and they are each unique. Go find some of her cards at http://www.angelmaz.artfire.com/. Here are some of her cards that are my personal favorites:
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