Zibbet.com is awesome!

A new website is gaining popularity among handcrafters that sell their goods. Zibbet.com is an amazing new website with easy to use interfaces and shop designs. I set up my shop and listed six items in as little as an hour. The cost right now for a verified (professional) membership is only $7 a month, and there are only a little over 400 slots left at this price. Once they are gone, the cost goes up to $15 a month if you didn’t take advantage of the discount price. If you do take advantage of the $7 charge, you get it for life! They also have this really awesome referral program. If you refer only 7 people, you get your studio paid for life! They take $1 off for each referral you send them. Seven referrals, $7, free account! Is that cool or what?

If you choose to become a basic member, it’s free. But being the graphic junkie that I am, I wanted it all! They have an easy comparison list, also. I think my favorite part is the ability to find what you need quickly, the intuitive design and functionality, simple straightforward listings, and easily navigable site. I’m really liking Zibbet so far. You should check it out and sign up as soon as possible!

Happy Crafting!

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